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Prayer Guides and Confession Sheets

Prayer Guides

Every son and daughter of God needs to know how to pray; how to have a mountain moving, intimate prayer life. This tool can help you achieve just that. Crafted from Jesus’ model of prayer in Matthew 6, each section of His prayer gives deeper insight into how we can have an effective prayer life.

A.C.T.S. Prayer GuideS.O.A.P. Bible Study GuideOur Father Prayer OutlineBethel Prayer Card – Promises of Scripture – ShortBethel Prayer Card – Promises of Scripture – Detailed21 Day Prayer JournalGREATER BREAKTHROUGH 2021 21 Day JournalAmazing Grace Prayer & Fasting GuideCOVID-19 Confession SheetGenerational Curse PrayerAWESOME GOD - Praying & Fasting Guide

Confession Sheets

Declaring the Truth of God over your life is critically important to your spiritual health. Proverbs tells us that the tongue has the power of life or death, and we have the opportunity every day to partner with the Holy Spirit in speaking words of life. Use these confession sheets in your devotion time and see how God’s Word can transform your mind.

I AM Confession SheetHE IS Confession SheetDestiny Confession SheetHealth & Evangelism Confession SheetVictory Confession SheetVictory II Confession Sheet


The benevolence ministry’s mission is to ensure Bethel members in need do not go hungry in times of crisis, according to biblical directives and fiscal constraints. At this time, we are only able to help ensure you and your family do not go hungry while we pray and petition for God’s long-term provision and work with you to create a budget. The benevolence fund is not designed to pay utility bills, rent, mortgage or car payments.

The benevolence ministry is intended as a source of last resort, our Life Groups serve as the “front lines” when it comes to crisis. The benevolence fund is to be used after all other possibilities of help have been exhausted (i.e., family, friends, loans, savings, yard sales, etc). Due to the necessity to fill out this packet in its entirety and meet with the benevolence fund director, we are not able to respond to financial emergencies.

In addition to financial aid, Bethel provides the following to members:


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