Life Group Leader Newsletter – October 06, 2020

LGL Newsletter– October 2020

Happy October Bethel Leaders! Please take the time to read through our October newsletter and view the short encouragement and leader tip videos. We hope that it serves to encourage and help you lead your life group even more effectively!  

October Encouragement: Follow Through 

LIFT is the acronym we have been using for our leadership encouragement moment for the last three months. As a refresher, L is for Leadership, I is for Influence, F is for Follow Through and T is for Teamwork. 

This month we are focusing on F – Follow-Through. 

The ability to “Follow-Through” is a strong leadership attribute that builds credibility and trust amongst those whom you are leading; and it allows for vulnerability and openness to take place in your groups and relationships. Whether it is following through on your word to “meet-up for coffee” or if it is sticking to the start and end times of your group, this concept is pivotal to shepherding the flock and being all about relationship. 

Remember, “Leadership is in the Follow-Through”. 

October Tip of the Month

Can you believe it’s October?? Where has the year gone? It’s the middle of our fall semester of Life Groups. The excitement of the August semester launch is worn off… the holidays are not quite here yet. So here is your leadership “Tip of the Month” for October. “Break it Up!” “Do something new!” This month, pick one of your group meetings and do something out of your routine… 

If you have a morning group, maybe go out to breakfast. If you are a zoom or home group, meet at a coffee shop. Go do a fun activity… go bowling! How about…. A breakfast cereal party!! 

This month, go have some fun, make a memory as a group! What ideas do you have?? It will strengthen relationship and might even be a great way to invite new people to your group. 

So let’s get out there, have some fun, and eat some Cap’n Crunch!! 

The Joy of Reporting Life Group Attendance!!!

You may be asking yourself, “Why all the focus on reporting attendance all the time?” We’re glad you asked! First, I’ve found that as I’m reporting attendance in my own groups, it keeps me mindful of who was absent so I can make sure they get contacted and loved on each week! Second, including notes about each meeting and listing names of visitors, is appreciated by our leadership team to help us track our church engagement. And third, the notes provide insight to help us pastor and coach our leaders better. So next time you see that reminder email or go to the LEAD app, say it with me… “Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to report my group attendance and assist our pastors to lead and love your church family well!” 

We Serve Together!

Come on, bFam!  You heard Ps Kevin a few Sundays ago!  Because we’re family, we have the honor of helping out around the house.  If you have members in your group, please encourage them to serve in an area that needs them.  As we prepare for the growth of our church, volunteers are needed to support the Children’s Ministry, Usher, Connector, Café, Safety, Donation, Member Care, Worship…you name it!  We are stronger and better when we serve together.  We will surely look a lot more like Jesus because He did not come to be served but to serve!  See you on the front lines!   Text SERVE to 480-418-1108 or simply go to our Bethel website or mobile app and fill out our Connect Card.   

Raising Leaders

As part of our Life Group growth strategy, every semester it is our goal for Life Group leaders to raise up new leaders that will help to carry the weight of shepherding our growing flock. We ask for Life Group leaders to identify potential new leaders within their groups and to then give them opportunities to lead in some manner throughout the semester in order to prepare them to lead their own group in the near future. This semester, practice using the F.A.I.T.H. attributes (listed in our Life Group Leader Handbook) in helping to identify new potential leaders! 

Upcoming Dates:

·      Chica Conference: October 12 – 16 

·      bMen “On Mission” Serving Day: October 31

·      Victory Weekend: November 13-14  

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