Let’s go Serve

We Serve Because He Served

Jesus gives us the perfect example of living a life serving others. He demonstrated humility and loving others when He chose to wash his disciples’ feet, and the ultimate example is when He died for our sins. No amount of service will lead to our salvation, but we know that the reason we serve others is because of all He did to forgive us. It is because of our belief in His love and His great salvation that we love others.

It is important to understand that Christianity is not a solo endeaver which is why we’re all about relationship. Our membership in God’s church means we each have a unique role to play that should be used to bring Him glory. God isn’t looking for the most successful or most popular person to serve. He desires those who are hungry to love people — both lost and saved — for His glory.

To sign up for an area of service, click here to fill out our Let’s Go Serve – Sign Up Sheet. (Note: to sign up to serve, you will need to request access to our CCB Community if you are not already a part of CCB).


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