Life Groups

Our Bethel Life Groups are small groups that “do life” together throughout the week – not just on Sundays! The focus of our Life Groups is to connect with God and each other through prayer and the Word of God.

Because “We’re All About Relationship,” we strongly encourage you to join a Bethel Life Group where you will grow, have fun and be strengthened spiritually. Jesus promised that the storms of life would come. Being planted into a spiritual family means we can overcome trials and celebrate wins together in Jesus!

There are many different types of Bethel Life Groups for men, women, youth, marriage and co-ed. Please text Life to 480-418-1108 or click here to find out more about a Life Group that’s right for you!

“Summer of Life” is about doing Life together outside the church walls. We’re encouraging everyone in the church to enjoy the planned church events, but also create your own gatherings for fellowship and fun, throughout the Summer! Visit our Events page and text Cruz Flores at 480-930-5911 with any new “Summer of Life” fun ideas!

Life Group Semesters

Spring – January through May
• Leader Enrollment Deadline by December 1
• Enrollment Period for Members begins mid-December

Summer – June through July
• Leader Enrollment Deadline by May 1
• Enrollment Period for Members begins mid-May

Fall – August through December
• Leader Enrollment Deadline by June 1
• Enrollment Period for Members begins mid-July

To view a current list of our available Life Groups, click here and sign up!

Life Group Leaders

Do you have a desire to reach others with the Gospel? Do you have a hunger for God’s Word and prayer? Are you willing to meet regularly and disciple others? Do you desire to set a godly example through your lifestyle in order to serve others?

Just as one person trained twelve human beings who went on to influence the world, you, too may hear God’s call to do life with others and lead them to a closer relationship with Jesus. If you answered yes to any of the question above, please complete the Leader Application Form by the following deadlines:

Spring Semester: December 1
Fall Semester: June 1

Do you have questions above Life Groups? If so, please contact us.


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