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bMen is the men’s ministry of Bethel. We exist to reach, build, and empower men to fulfill their God-given destiny. As Bethel Men, we do LIFE together through small groups, The Locker Room, our Men’s Conference, serving in ministry, and various other events. We are strong, courageous, humble servants.

L – Lordship of Christ

In contrast to the prideful, stubborn masculinity of the world, bMen find true manhood in humble submission to Jesus.

I – Identity in Christ

In contrast to men who find their identity in position and possessions, bMen find their true identity in Christ as loved sons, reliable husbands/fathers, selfless servants, and mighty warriors!

F – Friendship

In contrast to men who are “loners” and keep others at a distance, bMen understand the value of friendship and brotherhood. We are committed to the growth and strength that comes from meeting in men’s small groups and our large group meeting called THE LOCKER ROOM. In order for “Iron to sharpen iron,” it requires being close enough to create sparks!

E - Exercise

In contrast to spiritual apathy and personal laziness, bMen are committed to exercise their spiritual disciplines. Men are called to lead their families and the church in commitment to time in the Bible, prayer, and physical health.

“Men make plans… boys makes excuses!”

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