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bConnected Newsletter – Dec 09, 2019

What would it take for you to accept that you are fully loved by God? For some of us, accepting this foundational understanding comes easy. For many of us, this is one of the hardest things we will ever work through – not just knowing we are loved by God, but fully believing and accepting it in our hearts.

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bConnected Newsletter – Dec 02, 2019

Where is hope in your life? Where are you placing your anchor? The purpose of an anchor is to keep a ship safe and secure at a location or to help control the ship during bad weather.

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bConnected Newsletter – Nov 25, 2019

Being thankful puts your heart in the place to recognize God’s activity in your life and it allows you to position yourself to reap a harvest of fruit that brings life. It is easy to be thankful when we are on the mountain top, but what about the valleys?

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