Meet the Team

Mike Gowans

Lead Pastor and Lead Elder

Julie Gowans

Executive Ministry Pastor

Donn Martin

Chief Financial Officer and Elder

Preston Dobbins

Student Pastor and Elder

Kevin Sample

Men’s Pastor and Elder

May Dobbins

Women’s Pastor

Lucas Kirkland

Teaching Pastor

Neece Jackson

Executive Director of Ministries and Member Engagement

Marty Rasmussen

Chief Executive Director, Ministries and Operations

Denise Flores

Executive Administrator

Mark Molzen

Executive Director, Sunday Services

Cruz Flores

Executive Director, Discipleship and Assimiliation

Shane Crowley

Technology Director

Shanen Dunagen

Director, Veterans Ministy

Karissa Rhodes

Ministry Coordinator

Jenny Browne

Systems Administrator

Johnny Salmon

Facility Director

Melissa Maxwell

Prayer Coordinator

Alisha Crowley

Production Coordinator

Maryanne Farkas

Video Coordinator

Tyler Van Dyke

ENC Intern

Maggie Nelson

Video Ministry Leader

Tim Maddix

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Sports Chaplain

Doug Morrison

Director of Marriage Ministry

Cindy Morrison

Director of Marriage Ministry