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  • If you have any great tips to share with other leaders, please email Pastor May Dobbins at May.Dobbins@bethelchandler.com
  • Everyone who provides feedback will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card! Please submit by July 31st.


Life Group Leader Application for Fall is due on 7.20.20


Make sure to save the dates!
  • Life Group Leader Application Form Due: 7.20.20
  • Semester Dates: 8.16.20 – 11.29.20
  • Enrollment Date Begins: 8.02.20
  • Huddle Date: 8.02.20 @ 5pm


Join us for our Life Group Mixers in the lobby to represent your groups!
  • bMEN LG Lobby Mixer: 8.02.20
  • Chica LG Lobby Mixer: 8.09.20
  • ENC, Co-Ed, Marriage, IGNITE: 8.16.20                                                           (Fall LG Fiesta with Balloons, Music, and Free Ice Cream if you sign up)
  • Semester Begins: 8.16.20


  • We currently have 38 Summer Life Groups, which is one of the highest number of groups we’ve had in the history of Bethel! Let’s shoot for 50 groups in the Fall! What this means is we encourage you to identify new life group leaders. If you have someone in our group that reflects the FAITH attributes, talk to them about potentially leading their own group in the Fall, give them opportunities to co-lead with you in your current group by allowing them to lead a discussion, take ownership of communicating to the group or even taking attendance for your group each week.
  • Over half of our active members are in life groups and our goal is to reach 80%. Let’s invite, invite, invite in the Fall semester!
  • As you know, Life Groups is the DNA of our church. This is where everyone will experience spiritual and personal growth as a disciple of Christ but also, just as important, it is how we as leaders can properly care for our church.
  • Our average Attendance Rate is 53%. Please remember to take attendance after each group meeting to improve our stats but most importantly, please call those who have missed group to ensure they are in a good place. Thank you!

Every Nation Book Recommendations

We strongly encourage all of our leaders to read the following books written by our Every Nation Co-Founder:

The Multiplication Challenge: A Strategy to Solve Your Leadership Shortage by Steve Murrell & William Murrell.

WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering & Viral by Steve Murrell

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