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August 19, 2019


Sermon Series: Let’s Go

Title: Exposing the Leviathan Spirit
Pastor: Julie Gowans

Leviathan’s clear mission is to destroy the lives of God’s people of dividing them in subtle ways. Leviathan comes from a root word that means to “twist,” which is one of his primary tactics. This spirit is at the core of miscommunication and its goal is to destroy relationships. The nature of this spirit is described in Isaiah 27:1 and more extensively in Job 41. Leviathan is a very powerful spirit that is at work under the radar in many individuals, homes and churches. This is an important message that will equip Believers to better understand the devil’s schemes.  Listen today!

Three of the characteristics of the Leviathan Spirit:

  1. Twisting of Words and Communication
  2. A Prideful Spirit
  3. Covenant Breaker

Two weapons against the Leviathan Spirit:

  1. Humility
  2. Repentance

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